Hearthstone expansion reveals new Demon Hunter card series

Hearthstone new cardsBlizzard

A brand new series of cards are coming to Hearthstone in its 26.4 expansion, offering brand-new effects, multiple stages, and useful damage to help take down your opponent.

Hearthstone remains one of the most popular digital CCG filled with exciting and powerful cards to help you manipulate the battlefield. The game has been growing for nine years at this point, and thanks to that regularly evolving nature, Hearthstone is constantly introducing more tools to take down your opponent quickly and efficiently.

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One such addition is Hearthstone’s highly anticipated 26.4 expansion. Thanks to Blizzard, we can exclusively reveal three cards entering the game, and hopefully your deck, as part of the update.

Hearthstone reveals Demon Hunter card series in next expansion

Hearthstone cardsBlizzard

Coming in the 26.4 expansion, Hearthstone has revealed a new Demon Hunter card series, complete with three separate cards to destroy your enemies and manipulate the battlefield with.

So, what is the Demon Hunter card series, and what does each card do?

The Demon Hunter card is a 3 cards series, featuring three different powers:

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  • Remixed Rhapsody: (Rare 6-cost spell) Deal 3 damage to all Minions. Gains an extra effect in your hand that changes each turn
  • Rhythmdancer Risa: (Legendary 5-cost minion) Rush. After your hero attacks, return this to your hand and set its Cost to (1) 3/5
  • Tough Crowd: (Common 3-cost minion) Outcast. Return a minion to its owner’s hand 2/2

When you play Remixed Rhapsody you’ll get a new card in your hand. This card will be one of four different effects, Angst Rhapsody, Resounding Rhapsody, Emotional Rhapsody, and Wailing Rhapsody. The card you receive is random and, if you don’t play said card in that round, it’ll change to another Rhapsody card.

For example, you received Angst Rhapsody after you played Remix Rhapsody, but you wanted Wailing Rhapsody so you can summon a Demon to the board. You can then decide to hold that Rhapsody card in your hand until the card transforms into the effect you actually want.

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This card allows for a lot of versatility. It could hit the exact Rhapsody you need, getting you out of the specific jam you’re in. Or, if your board state is strong enough you can wait until it transforms into what you need. But even failing that, there will always be some value in the Rhapsody card you receive, on top of the decent board-wipe effect you get for initially casting the card.

It might be a little too random for some, but there seems to be decent value here for a rare card.

The Demon Hunter card series will be going live to Hearthstone on May 30, 2023.

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