Hearthstone March of the Lich King: Best 5 cards to craft

Lawrence Scotti
hearthstone death knightBlizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone March of the Lich King has finally arrived, and here we have the best five cards to craft on day one to start climbing the ranked ladder.

March of the Lich King adds tons of new content to the long-running digital card game.

The expansion, which is now live, added the new Death Knight class, a new minion type with Undead, dual minion types, and a new keyword called Manathirst.

To celebrate the launch of the new expansion, let’s get over the five new cards you’ll need to craft in order to make the best deck possible and start grinding that ranked ladder with ease.

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Hearthstone March of the Lich King: Best cards to craft

Here are the five best cards we’ve identified that will help you find success in the standard-ranked mode in Hearthstone.

Frostwyrm’s Fury

This card has an incredible amount of power as a seven-cost spell for the Death Knight class. Although it takes up all of your available Rune slots, it packs in an insane punch by dealing direct damage, freezing all enemy minions, and summoning a beefy 5/5 friendly minion.

hearthstone frostwyrmBlizzard Entertainment
Frostwyrm’s Fury is a new Death Knight spell.

Frostwyrm’s Fury can either be crafted or obtained by purchasing the Path of Arthas set.

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Halduron Brightwing

Halduron is a new Hunter Legendary 3-drop that has a Battlecry that boosts all the Arcane spells in your deck by +1.

Brightwing is quite powerful when played on curve, or played when Brann Bronzebeard is in play as you can double the power allotted to your Arcane spells.

hearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment
Halduron Brightwing is a 3/4 Legendary Hunter minion.

Hunter also has a ton of Arcane spells in this expansion that work well in this deck like Conjured Arrow, Ricochet Shot, Arcane Quiver, and Eversong Portal.

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Sister Svalna

Svalna is a new Legendary 6-cost minion for the Priest class that has a 6/6 body and a Battlecry that permanently adds a Vision of Darkness to your hand.

sister svalnaBlizzard Entertainment
Sister Svalna has scary potential.

Svalna is extremely cheap at just a 6-drop, and the earlier she’s played, the better. Priest often gets the more wonky cards each expansion, and Svalna certainly fits the bill. The Vision of Darkness is a 3-cost spell that allows you to discover a Shadow spell.

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Astalor Bloodsworn

Astalor is a new neutral 2-cost Legendary minion that adds Astalor, the Protector to your hand. However, if you have enough mana to trigger its Manathirst effect, you’ll be able to deal 2 damage to an enemy.

astalor bloodswornBlizzard Entertainment
Astalor is a flexible neutral Legendary minion.

Astalor will be able to slot into many different types of decks this expansion, so if you don’t grab him from a pack, you might want to craft him sooner rather than later.

Nerubian Vizier

This new neutral 3-drop Undead minion is one of the most slept-on cards in all of March of the Lich King.

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nerubian vizierBlizzard Entertainment

Being a neutral card that has synergy with Undead-type minions, it will slot into any Undead deck, especially Death Knight ones that look to utilize its Hero Power.

The Battlecry allows you to obtain a random spell regardless if you trigger the second part of the Battlecry, which makes the cost of the spell 2 mana cheaper.

If you pre-purchased the March of the Lich King pack bundle, it’s very likely you’ll pull Vizier and won’t have to spend any dust on him whatsoever.

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