Hearthstone confirms update 24.4.3 will change Theotar & Wildseed cards

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Hearthstone has teased big changes to a handful of popular cards from the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion including Theotar, the Mad Duke as well as some Wild Stag cards.

Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria expansion shook up the metagame in a major way, introducing some powerful new cards and mechanics.

Now, two months into Murder at Castle Nathria as well as its mini-set of cards Maw and Disorder, players have figured out the best cards and decks, leading developer Blizzard Entertainment to make a handful of updates to cards.

Now, even more cards are slated for changes,

Hearthstone patch 24.4.3 to change Theotar & Wildsteeed cards

Hearthstone patch 24.4.3 notes will be released on Thursday, October 13.

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In the patch, these are all of the cards that are slated to be changed:

  • Theotar, the Mad Duke
  • Stag Spirit Wildseed
  • Bear Spirit Wildseed
  • Harpoon Gun

How exactly these cards will be changed remains to be seen, but these are considered some of the best cards in Hearthstone’s standard format, so it’s possible the cards are nerfed.

Theotar has been incredibly powerful in most decks as he’s able to swap a card in the player’s hand for one in your opponents. At just a 4-mana cost, the Mad Duke has been invaluable when against decks with hugely powerful cards.

The Wildseed cards have proven to be quite problematic for Blizzard to balance, as they have insane amounts of value for the Hunter class. It’s also likely that these cards will be nerfed in some capacity.

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On Thursday we will find out what Blizzard’s plans for Hearthstone are moving forward.