Hearthstone confirms 35 new cards for The Maw and Disorder mini-set

hearthstone sylvanasBlizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone is getting a mini-set following up the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion with 35 brand new cards on the way.

Hearthstone managed to wow fans with its creepiest expansion to date with Murder at Castle Nathria.

The expansion released nearly 200 new cards into the game and debuted Location cards as well as the new Infuse keyword which added new layers to the card battler.

Now, less than two months from launch and Blizzard Entertainment have already unveiled the follow-up mini-set of cards called The Maw and Disorder.

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Hearthstone: The Maw and Disorder mini-set new cards

The Maw and Disorder mini-set will launch on September 27.

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The mini-set brings Sylvanas and The Jailer to the forefront of the story, just like in the most recent wow expansion Shadowlands. Sylvanas returns to standard play with the new card Sylvanas, the Accused, which is a Legendary six-mana minion card that has the Battlecry: Destroy an enemy minion. If Infused by seven, the player takes control of the card instead.

hearthstone cardsBlizzard Entertainment
Four new cards coming in Hearthstone’s The maw and Disorder mini-set.

In total, there will be 35 new cards coming to the card battler with four Legendary cards, one Epic card, 14 Rare cards, and 16 Common cards.

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Some of the cards that have already been revealed are incredibly powerful, like the new Druid Nature spell Dew Process, which reads: “For the rest of the game, players draw an extra card at the start of their turn.”

The rest of the cards will be unveiled as we draw closer to the release date.

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