How to Wall Jump in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Wall Jump343 Industries

If you’re looking to gain the upper hand over your opponents in Halo Infinite multiplayer, it’s essential that you know how to Wall Jump.

Gunskill will always be the most important aspect of any FPS but movement mechanics are also essential if you want to dominate in multiplayer, and that’s definitely the case in Halo Infinite.

While less important in Big Team Battle, being able to maneuver effectively and efficiently in Arenas is absolutely key.

Whether it’s escaping an opponent after being dropped to low health or attempting to reach a power position, wall jumping is a skill every Halo player should know.

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So, without further ado, let’s check out exactly to perform a wall jump in your matches.

Wall Jump Halo Infinite guide343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s campaign goes live on December 8.

How to Wall Jump and reach power positions in Halo Infinite

Learning how to Wall Jump or “Over Jump” in Halo Infinite isn’t easy and may require you to spend a few hours practicing solo on each of the maps to fully master.

However, once you’ve perfected the technique, it’s incredibly useful in matches, allowing you to reach elevated positions in a matter of seconds.

The basic idea of the Over Jump is to use a ledge or object to boost the height you can reach compared to a standard jump. So, simply follow these steps below and you’ll have the advanced mechanic mastered in no time.

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  1. Sprint towards any object or ledge
  2. Jump on top of the object while sprinting
  3. Maintain your momentum as you land on the edge of the object
  4. As soon as you feel a slight boost from landing on the object jump again
  5. Twist your camera to move towards the elevated area you’re attempting to reach
  6. You should feel the boost and reach your intended location!

Halo Infinite YouTuber Joshington has an informative video showcasing some of the useful spots the Over Jump or Wall Jump can be used. On top of this, they demonstrate how the mechanic works in slow motion.

Keep in mind, it may take a lot of practice before you can consistently Over Jump in your matches, especially in the heat of a gunfight.

It’s well worth hopping into a practice lobby and discovering different jump spots on each of the maps, that way, you’ll be prepared no matter what your enemies throw at you.

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