Halo Infinite fans want this Steve Downes sticker as an emblem

Brianna Reeves
halo infinite Steven downes sticker

During FanExpo Boston, iconic Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes gave away a Grunt sticker that Halo Infinite players now want as an emblem.

Following a lengthy delay, Halo Infinite finally launched on PC and Xbox late last year. The shooter received generally positive reviews at launch, though 343 Industries and Microsoft came under fire due to the multiplayer component.

Players leveled much of the criticism at battle pass progression issues. Content update delays later served as a point of contention amongst the community, as well.

However, some Halo fans now claim all will be forgiven if the development team will grant one request.

What makes Steve Downes’ Halo stickers so special?

While meeting with fans at FanExpo Boston, Master Chief himself, Steve Downes, handed out free stickers.

ZeekRageous took photos of the sticker pile positioned on Downes’ table, yet one, in particular, caught the community’s eye on Reddit.

The sticker in question depicts a Halo Grunt carrying a bong, complete with smoke flowing out of it.

A Halo Grunt Sticker given by Steve Downes

Other Redditors posited the actor likely purchased a pack of Halo stickers on Amazon without looking through them.

This theory seems likely, as the very same Grunt is pictured in this 50-piece pack on Amazon.

“Yo 343, can we get that as an emblem,” Trevor-On-Reddit asked in the thread. Several other Halo Infinite players chimed in to say they too would like to see Steve Downes’ choice of sticker appear in-game. “I would forgive all their sins for this,” Electronic-Cream9946 added.

Given Halo Infinite’s ‘T’ for Teen rating, others like ICODE72 questioned whether an emblem featuring a bong would be permitted. Regardless, it seems fans are all-in for this version of the Grunt character type.

Halo Infinite is available to play now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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