Halo Infinite players baffled by “boring” ultimate challenge reward with major typo

Eleni Thomas
Halo Infinite ultimate challenge header

Halo Infinite fans online are voicing their disappointment at the latest Ultimate challenge reward, questioning devs 343 for their lack of “quality control” after realizing that the final challenge text also includes a very obvious typo.

The latest Halo Infinite Ultimate reward – as well as the final challenge players must complete in order to unlock it – is getting lots of attention online for all the wrong reasons. For the next week, the ultimate challenge reward up for grabs will be an armor unlock of a tactical canteen that is attached to the thigh of the Spartan. 

A new Reddit thread about the reward is filled with comments about the size and relevance of such an item for a Spartan. The item, named “pack mentality”, has been slammed by fans, one Reddit user describing it as an “exclusive tactical sippy cup.”

Players are pointing out that the canteen itself is “comically small” in design and questioning the relevance it has. In the thread, another user added that, “of all the tactical options I think it’s hilarious a Spartan would duct tape a canteen to their thigh.”

On Twitter, players are voicing similar frustrations, even offering to drive to 343’s studio to help them come up with better reward ideas and designs that are worth the “grind” it takes to unlock them.


To make matters worse, fans also noticed that there is a typo in the text of Halo Infinite’s ultimate challenge task, with the word ‘Spartan’ spelled incorrectly. Because of this typo, some are joking that this is now an “impossible challenge” to complete, others stating how “it’s almost impressive how little 343 cares.”

Halo Infinite’s launch left a lot to be desired by fans, with the community continuing to voice their frustration at the massive delays for pivotal game modes such as Forge and Co-op campaign. With the game approaching one year since its initial launch, player counts have decreased dramatically due to the missing content.

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