Halo Infinite devs reveal Lone Wolves Season 2 roadmap, Campaign Co-Op, more

halo-infinite-roadmap-season-2343 Industries

In response to concerns about Halo Infinite’s roadmap moving forward, 343 Industries revealed details on the upcoming Lone Wolves Season 2, Campaign Co-Op, their plans for addressing critical issues, and more.

The Halo Infinite community has been up in arms over the state of the game after the developers announced delays to Campaign Co-Op, Forge, and most notably, the launch of Season 2 in multiplayer mode.

The furor ramped up a notch following what players described as a “terrible” mid-season update on February 27. They claimed the game’s performance felt different afterward, which only added to the disappointment.

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As a result of these concerns, Joseph Staten, the Head of Creative for Halo Infinite, revealed their roadmap; addressing critical issues, shipping Season 2 in May, and getting other modes ready in time for Season 3.

Addressing critical issues

First and foremost, the developers revealed that addressing critical issues is at the top of their list. This includes anything that everything that has a “widespread negative impact” on the Halo Infinite experience.

For example, while BTB matchmaking has been fixed, they admitted the anti-cheat needs more work, among other things. So, to be more transparent about what those are, they’re planning to make a ‘hotlist’ publicly available.

halo infinite big team battle343 Industries
Halo Infinite players have been frustrated with delays and performance issues.

Shipping Lone Wolves Season 2

Next, they announced the name and theme for Season 2 is ‘Lone Wolves’, and revealed it will launch on May 3. It will come with new battle pass items, balance changes, cinematics, events, maps, modes, and more.

More details will come to light in the coming weeks. Still, it’s exciting news for players who have been dying to know when it will launch and what it will entail — especially since it seemingly has lots of content.

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halo-infinite-roadmap-season-2343 Industries
Concept art of a new Big Team Battle map coming to Halo Infinite in Season 2.

Campaign Co-Op, Forge, Season 3

Last but not least, the developers confirmed they’re making “great progress” on Campaign Co-Op and Forge. They won’t be ready in time for Season 2. However, their “goal” is to have them ready in time for Season 3.

That means they’re both still several months away, but the fact they’re actively being worked on with an end goal in sight is good news for the community. There’s also a chance Campaign Co-Op might be ready earlier.

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Halo Infintie Big Team Battle343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s Campaign Co-Op will be ready in time for Season 3.

In addition to these key priorities, the team is also planning to ship fixes, features, and content in minor updates throughout the season. Moreover, the next Season 1 event, ‘Tactical Ops,’ kicks off this month too.

“On behalf of the entire team, thank you again for your patience and your passion,” said Staten. “Please keep the feedback coming, know that we are listening and learning and that we are working hard to deliver more content.”

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