Halo Infinite players slam “terrible” midseason update

Halo Infinite midseason343 Industries

Halo Infinite fans have been holding out for a new update to add some flair. However, the game’s midseason update has only stoked the fire, with players slamming the game’s recent midseason update as “terrible”.

When Halo Infinite multiplayer’s first launched on November 15, fans of the franchise rejoiced as the game felt like it took the feel of older titles while giving it a modern accent.

However once the nostalgia faded away, problems began to arise.

No matter how much time players sank into the game, the lack of many of the fan-favorite playlists and a more balanced ranked system to begin the game’s career started to take a toll.

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Combine that with the fact that the game’s players had massive gripes on how the cosmetics on the store were handled and many more other issues, 343 Industries ended up on the other side of relentless criticism.

Halo Infinite gameplay343 Industries
Halo Infinite ran into a number of problems on launch.

Halo Infinite’s Season 1 midseason update on February 24 was meant to address some of these issues, but it might have only made things worse.

The patch, which shipped a number of bug fixes and anti-cheat improvements, hasn’t hit the mark with players.

Players slam “terrible” Halo Infinite Season 1 midseason update

Halo players went on social media after the update went live to confirm one thing with each other: Had anything actually changed?

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One fan claimed the game “feels terrible” and that it “feels like sh*t compared to before the update.”

“So I played a few games today after a small break, and the game feels terrible,” they said. “Shots aren’t registering, a ton of delay, bullets missing that should be hitting, more blank melees, more inconsistent rockets, etc.”

This sentiment was echoed by other players, who feel like their game is “off” even if nothing balance-wise was publicly changed.

halo infinite spartan343 Industries
Halo players claim their gameplay feels “inconsistent” after the February 24 update.

“[It] just feels a little off. I don’t feel like I’m performing the same right now even though I haven’t really changed anything,” one player added.

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“Melee registration is worse for me,” said another. “So many backslaps that register as a regular melee. Rockets have also been way worse.”

While the update is still fresh, players are pleading for bigger changes to bring Halo back to its glory days with Infinite.