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Halo Infinite reveals massive ranked system overhaul with hard reset

Published: 17/Feb/2022 19:47

by Jaret Kappelman


Halo Infinite devs have announced that they are overhauling the current ranked play system as well as hard resetting everyone’s Competitive Skill Rating to balance the talent levels.

When Halo Infinite released, players were super excited to find out that there was a ranked ladder with visible ELO (Competitive Skill Rating), and skill divisions.

However, the community found it quite easy to reach the highest rank, Onyx, and slammed the system as they would lose way too many points and earn nothing for wins.

Thankfully, 343 Industries has been listening to complaints as the team revealed a massive quality of life update for the mode that features a CSR rework.


Halo Infinite ranked play system rework & reset

In a tweet on February 16, the official Halo account announced they have been monitoring player ranks in the mode and will be adjusting accordingly.

They said starting on February 22, they will “roll out updates to our current system and reset CSR ranks.”

The biggest thing they mentioned highlighted that the current system was placing players too high. So, they will be hard resetting everyone’s CSR to help put people in their proper tier.

halo infinite big team battle
343 Industries
Halo Infinite is revamping their ranked system to balance out the game.

Halo is also making it that you will earn more skill rating after each match. They believe this will make the climb through each division easier for Spartans.


In the current system, you could only place as high as Diamond 1. However, the best of the best will be able to place in Diamond 5 when this update goes live.

This has been one of the most requested things in the Halo Infinite community. The team is hoping that this will bring players back to the game and they can enjoy ranked matchmaking.