Halo Infinite players left furious after 343 delays roadmap for Forge, Co-op, more

Halo Infinite gameplay343 Industries

Having missed the window for a promised January roadmap, Halo Infinite developers confirmed new content is facing further unexpected delays. Avid players have been left furious as a result, with many concerned about the state of Forge and Co-op.

Before Halo Infinite launched at the tail end of 2021 — a full year later than originally planned — 343 Industries announced a good chunk of content wasn’t going to make it in time. Both the co-op campaign feature along with Halo’s popular Forge toolset were held back.

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The former was penciled in for Season 2 while 343 targeted Season 3 for the latter. Just weeks after Infinite came online, however, these seasons have since been delayed as well.

Despite promising an update in January, the devs have missed the mark. Now, fans are up in arms as even Infinite’s roadmap for upcoming content has been pushed back.

“In November, I said we’d have a Halo Infinite update on our Seasonal roadmap,” Head of Creative Joseph Staten said on February 1.” This update detailing future content drops including Co-op and Forge,” was supposed to arrive “in January.”

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After keeping all but radio silent throughout the first month of 2022, Staten admitted they “need more time to finalize plans. This work is my top priority and we’ll have an update as soon as we can.”

“The studio is still working to iron out details,” Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard followed up on Reddit.” These new plans “are taking longer to pin down than anticipated.”

It wasn’t long before these two comments set off another flurry of backlash. With the most dedicated Halo players having been in the mix for almost two months now, they’ve already been agitated by “lazy” events, pricey cosmetics, and even broken game modes.

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News of further delays is just more cause for concern for many in the community. “343 can’t even fix Big Team Battle, no way they will be ready for any of this,” one player chimed in.

“A delay on a f**king roadmap? Really?” others asked. Some questioned what state Infinite would have been in had the game launched in 2020 as originally planned.

“Shouldn’t this [roadmap] have been ready before release?” one player questioned.

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halo infinite343 Industries
Halo Infinite Season 2 could be arriving as late as May, five months out from launch.

Despite the delays, we’re no closer to learning when key updates may arrive. Infinite’s Forge mode, Co-op feature, and new seasonal content all remain up in the air at this stage.

Similarly, Halo’s rival FPS launches in 2021 have followed a similar trajectory. Alongside Infinite’s delayed Season 2, Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2 and Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 have also been hit with delays.

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