Brand-new info on Halo Infinite battle pass & multiplayer seasons revealed by devs

Bill Cooney

We still have many months to wait for Halo Infinite to come out, but devs from 343 Industries have now revealed more details than ever on the Battle Pass and how seasons will work in multiplayer.

A good number of people are looking forward to the release of Halo Infinite during 2021’s holiday season and even though we learned a ton from multiplayer from June 13’s multiplayer info dump, there are still some unanswered questions.

To try and clear things up even more, devs released another blog post on June 24, providing more details on exactly how the battle pass and multiplayer seasons will work.

How will seasons work in Halo Infinite multiplayer?

Some of the armor sets in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer already look insane.

In the June 24 blog post on Halo Waypoint, design director Ryan Paradis and lead progression designer Christopher Blohm discussed 343 Industries’ approach to seasons and the battle pass in Halo Infinite.

According to devs, each season in Infinite will last around three months, which Paradis said “gives players a good amount of time to experience and explore the seasonal content, without it getting tiresome and without constantly pulling the rug from under players.”

Blohm also added that devs don’t want Halo Infinite’s multiplayer to feel like too much of a grind either, which anyone who plays online games will tell you can be a challenge.

“We want players to have cool content, activities, events, and rewards over the course of the season, but we do not want to demand that players play a ton of hours every week of the season to complete everything,” Blohm said. “We want players having fun in Halo, not grind it like it’s a job.”

How will Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass work?

There will also be a special event type with specific thematic rewards called a “Fracture.” The Fracture and some events will at times lean into things further afield — like the Yoroi armor shown in the multiplayer trailer and a little bit further up in this story.

Also, unlike other games, Halo Infinite’s Battle Passes will be around for players to work through “forever.”

“The Season 1 Battle Pass will be around forever; you can always go back, select that as your active Battle Pass and continue to earn progress in it,” Paradis explained. “If you decided to take a Season off, or you simply didn’t have time to play, that’s fine. You can always go back and purchase any prior Battle Pass as well.”

Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer season announced

In Halo Infinite you won’t have to worry about rushing to finish a season’s Battle Pass.

Finally, 343 added that Halo Infinite’s first Multiplayer Season, will be called “Heroes of Reach,” which should sound very familiar to longtime fans.

So, thanks to 343 we now have a great idea of what the multiplayer landscape will look like for Halo Infinite at release, and despite not even being out yet it’s already changing the multiplayer FPS landscape.

Having battle passes with no expiration dates is a huge change that we really haven’t seen before, so it’s no wonder players in games like Apex Legends are calling on the devs who make their games to do something similar.

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