How long is Sea of Stars? Main story & completionist run

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An image of Sea of Stars official artwork.Sabotage Studio

The highly anticipated JRPG Sea of Stars has finally arrived but exactly how long is the game? Here’s just how much time you can expect to spend on the new indie title.

While 2023 is certainly a fantastic year for AAA gaming, there are a lot of amazing indie titles on offer as well including the recently released Sea of Stars.

Developed by Studio Sabotage, Sea of Stars is a prequel to their game, The Messenger. It’s a love letter to old-school JRPGs where you play as two heroes named Valere and Zale who harness the powers of the sun and the moon.

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If you’re just booting up Sea of Stars, you may be wondering exactly how long the game is, so here’s how much time you can expect to spend in this charming JRPG adventure.

A screenshot from Sea of Stars.Sabotage Studio
Sea of Stars is a JRPG inspired by the classics of the genre.

How long is Sea of Stars?

Players can expect to spend roughly 25 hours in Sea of Stars in order to finish the main story.

While this isn’t nearly as long as some other games in the JRPG genre such as the Persona franchise, or the latest installments in the Final Fantasy series, it’s still a solid amount of time to spend on an RPG’s main campaign alone.

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Aside from the main story, there’s also some side content available in Sea of Stars, which includes finding collectibles, fishing, and the Wheels minigame – which can be played at any Tavern you visit in the world. According to HowLongToBeat it should take around 26 1/2 hours to complete the main story and additional side content.

As the game has only just been released, we don’t currently have time details regarding a completionist run but we’ll be sure to update this page as soon as the information becomes available.

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That’s everything we know so far about how long it takes to beat Sea of Stars! Why not check out our review of the game while you’re here?

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