YouTuber demands GTA Online change for “mind-numbing” business missions

YouTuber TGG has explained why he thinks Rockstar Games needs to make changes to the current state of money-making in GTA Online.

Players who have spent any time in GTA Online know just how important it is to heavy a steady stockpile of money.

Among the many different ways to make money, some players find the various in-game businesses to be the most reliable way to earn income.

However, it seems some fans think GTA Online’s businesses need to change, as evidenced by one content creator’s detailed video about the current problem with the game’s business missions.

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YouTuber reveals problem with GTA Online business missions

The video comes by way of YouTube content creator TGG, who made a video titled “I Will Now Rant About the Horrible State of GTA Online Money Making.”

Despite calling it a “rant,” the GTA Online content creator thoroughly breaks down what he thinks is holding the game’s business missions back, making investing in them “mind-numbing.”

TGG’s pointed out that the first big problem with selling in-game business stock is that it can now only be done through invite-only sessions. While he acknowledges this is rightly done to prevent griefing, the structure of the missions themselves seems to be the problem.

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“The main reason for that is because Rockstar broadcasts your entire business stocks location to the entire lobby and with the MC sell missions you have absolutely no way to defend yourself. What I mean is, Rockstar puts you in of the slowest vehicles in the entire game.”

During many of the MC business sell missions, players are forced to use vehicles like garbage trucks, delivery vans, and sea planes to sell stock repeatedly at various different points across the game’s massive map.

As a result, TGG calls these missions “the most boring, mind-numbing missions in any game” he has ever played. The video shows multiple examples of these missions in action, where the content creator simply flies over vast stretches of the map, arrives at a location, and repeats for nearly 20 minutes.

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The YouTuber claimed that Rockstar even figured out a decent solution to this problem four years ago with the Nightclub update, through customizable vehicles. Unfortunately, players can’t customize sell vehicles during MC sell missions.

TGG capped off his video with this sentiment: “It’s 2022 Rockstar. It’s time to bring the MC businesses in line with the Nightclub so that this isn’t incredibly boring.”