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xQc threatens GTA RP player with NoPixel ban over confiscated phone

Published: 15/Apr/2021 17:12

by Alex Garton


After being arrested and put in jail in GTA RP, Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel threatened to get another player banned from NoPixel if they didn’t return his phone once he was released.

The NoPixel GTA RP server has taken over Twitch in the last few months racking up millions of viewers on Twitch. While countless personalities have begun streaming the game, there’s one name that stands out from the crowd, xQc.

From intense in-game bank heists to being banned and then unbanned twice, it’s fair to say xQc’s GTA RP streams are never boring. However, all this controversy on GTA RP can get the Twitch streamer into some trouble, and once again, he’s managed to frustrate the server’s community.


This time it’s over a comment he made on stream towards another GTA RP player that involved him threatening to get them banned.

GTA RP phone
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A phone in GTA RP allows you to communicate with other players across the map.

xQc threatens GTA RP player with ban over seized phone

During his April 15 stream, xQc was arrested and put in jail in GTA RP. While talking to the cops about returning his phone after he’s released, the streamer got visibly frustrated and threatened to get the police officers banned from the server.

This is because after being arrested previously, the authorities confiscated his phone and didn’t give it back after he was let out. Of course, this made life difficult for xQc and he was clearly concerned it was going to happen again.


To ensure it didn’t, the streamer threatened to get both officers banned from NoPixel, which has of course angered the server’s community.

“I swear to god if I go out of jail or out eventually without my phone, you’ll never get to the train again dude.”

X threatens cop with train ticket removal. from r/RPClipsGTA

The clip made its way onto the RPClipsGTA subreddit, where users were clearly disappointed and accused xQc of abusing his power.

“Imagine thinking the server revolves around you,” one commenter wrote, with another claiming “that’s what happens when admins start bending for you.”

It’s difficult to know whether xQc will receive his third ban from the server for threatening the officers. For now, no such action has been taken but we’ll make sure to update our article if the server admins do get involved.