GTA V will be limited to 30 FPS on Xbox Series X

Marco Rizzo
Franklin GTA 5 loading screen

Hit Rockstar classic Grand Theft Auto 5 will maintain its 30 FPS limit on the new Xbox Series X, according to tech blogger Jez Corden. 

Some bad news for Xbox players: if you are playing with the backwards compatible One version of GTA 5, the Series X will not support 60 FPS on the hit open-world game, according to Jez.

“For those asking me if GTAV gets any benefits on Xbox Series X, answer is [no], locked to 30 FPS,” he said. “Don’t forget Rockstar made a lot of money selling that game twice at the start of last gen.”

Jez also mentions a significant decrease in the loading screen times, with some being cut down to 10 seconds.

Stallion, a popular Twitch Streamer released a video on Twitter showcasing the loading speeds on the Xbox Series X.

While the 30 FPS limit might be disappointing, Rockstar has already announced that the new generation of consoles will see another version of the 2013 title called GTA V Expanded and Enhanced.

This version will supposedly see significant improvements in the technical department, whether that is in textures, framerate, or loading times. 

However, the New York publisher has not revealed any information to the public about this new iteration, it is not even confirmed if the new version is going to be released for the new generation of Xbox consoles.

Rockstar has shared a partnership with Sony for a while, with the Japanese company even starting its PS5 showcase with the GTA V section back in June. Even taking this partnership into consideration, it would still come as a shock if Expanded and Enhanced, is not released for the new generations Microsoft consoles.

With the internet currently overflowing with leaks and rumors about a GTA sequel,  It is amusing that we still haven’t even seen the final release of the original 2013 version.

Once the Expanded and Enhanced version is released, Grand Theft Auto V will have come out across three different generations of consoles, reaching 130 million copies sold across all platforms.