What song is in the GTA 6 reveal trailer?

Brad Norton
GTA 6 trailer gameplay

Rockstar has officially revealed GTA 6 and while the trailer has a lot of exciting footage to look at, a lot of fans are curious about the song that’s playing during the reveal. So, here’s everything you need to know about the song in the game’s trailer.

A full decade after GTA 5 hit store shelves, the next entry is finally coming into the spotlight. Rockstar unveiled the first GTA 6 trailer on December 4, a little ahead of schedule in light of some early leaks.

With this reveal came the first gameplay footage, confirmation on leaked protagonists, and of course, plenty of chaos and violence to go with it. But the reveal trailer also gave us our first listen to a potential record on the soundtrack.

So exactly what song was playing throughout the first GTA 6 trailer? Here’s what you need to know.

What song plays in the GTA 6 reveal trailer?

The Tom Petty song ‘Love Is A Long Road’ can be heard throughout the GTA 6 reveal trailer. This 1989 record comes from the American musician best known for the likes of ‘I Won’t Back Down,’ and ‘Free Fallin’’.

While there’s no guarantee this track makes it onto a radio station in the full game, that has certainly been the trend with previous GTA reveals. GTA 5, for instance, featured Sleepwalking from The Chain Gang of 1974, a track that featured prominently in the single-player game.

GTA 5’s reveal trailer also had Ogdens’ ‘Nut Gone Flake’, a track featured on the Los Santos Rock Radio station. Last but not least, the iconic Queen track ‘Radio Ga Ga’ also played during a GTA 5 trailer and then found its way into the full game.

So if history repeats itself here, Rockstar may have just locked in the first official track for GTA 6 with Love Is A Long Road.

Does the song have a hidden meaning?

Tom Petty’s songs are known to be pretty straightforward with the lyrics. However, when you add the GTA 6 trailer over it, it’s a different story altogether. While the song may seem to have been put in the trailer merely for an 80s retro vibe, on greater introspection, you start noticing the details.

While the trailer features only a minute of the iconic song and emphasizes the line “Love is a long, long road,” if you focus on the chorus, you may notice how the song is actually about a person learning to let go and save themselves despite loving the other person ever so dearly.

Now that we know that the story focuses on Lucia and Jason in true Bonnie and Clyde fashion, we can interpret that maybe somewhere down the line, Lucia or Jason might end up paying with their lives owing to the life of crime they have chosen.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the song in the GTA 6 trailer. While we wait for the game’s release, why not check out our GTA 6 hub for all the latest news and updates?

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