Sykkuno explains simple reason why GTA RP has stolen the spotlight from Among Us

Sykkuno GTA RPTwitch: Sykkuno

Popular Twitch personality Sykkuno has revealed that he prefers streaming GTA RP over Among Us because “you don’t have to plan” or get a group together before you can play. 

Although Sykkuno only began his adventures on the NoPixel server two months ago, he’s certainly made his presence known while journeying around Los Santos.

Whether it’s dragging Pokimane into an intense police chase or randomly punching people while he’s in-game, there’s never a dull moment when Sykkuno is playing GTA RP.

Despite this, a lot of his viewers still wonder why he doesn’t play Among Us regularly anymore. Well, during his May 11 stream, Sykkuno gave some insight into why GTA RP is so easy to stream and potentially provided a reason for Among Us’s fall in viewership on Twitch.

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Sykkuno Among Us streamYouTube: Sykkuno
Sykkuno has 3.3 million followers on Twitch.

Sykkuno reveals why GTA RP is easier to stream than Among Us

When most Twitch viewers think of Sykkuno they immediately remember his massive popularity and association with Among Us. However, he has now made it clear why he prefers streaming GTA RP and it may help explain why Among Us has dropped in popularity on Twitch.

After being asked on stream why he likes playing on the NoPixel server so much, Sykkuno revealed that the main reason is that he can just jump in and play. This was not the case with Among Us and the streams would take a lot of planning.

According to him, with GTA RP it’s as simple as logging in and getting started, whereas Among Us requires finding 10 people to play all at the same time.

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“With GTA RP you kind of just log on and you can play, there’s people around, there’s things to do, I think Among Us was like you gotta get 10 people, sometimes you can’t invite everyone and some people would get left out.”

Sykkuno’s explanation for preferring GTA RP may apply to the majority of personalities who used to stream Among Us. Getting 10 people together to play for a long period of time is no easy task, especially when you can just hop into the NoPixel server and immediately start streaming.

According to the SullyGnome database, over the last 90 days, GTA V has received over 615 million hours of watch time. This makes it the second most popular category behind Just Chatting on the Twitch platform. On the other hand, in the same time frame, Among Us has only been watched for 53 million hours which a huge drop since its peak back in October of 2020.

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While Sykkuno’s reasoning may not be the primary factor for Among Us’s decrease in popularity, there’s no doubt it’s a contributor. Without the popular streamers playing the game, there are simply fewer people that are interested in picking it up and giving it a try.