Sykkuno randomly finds Corpse Husband in GTA RP and it’s hilarious

Sykkuno and Corpse Husband in GTA RPSykkuno/Corpse/Rockstar Games

Internet phenomenon Corpse Husband finally turned up in NoPixel’s GTA RP and it caught Sykkuno by surprise when the pair finally ran into each other. 

GTA RP is still going strong on Twitch, and while some streamers have dipped out to take breaks, there are plenty of others who still want to be involved. 

At the end of April, Corpse Husband suggested that he wanted to get involved in NoPixel, and had even come up with a character of sorts after Disguised Toast revealed that he’d finally gotten involved. 

Fast forward to now, and Corpse has gotten involved, but he’s not going by the Bin Gus name he first came up with. And, he even managed to shock Sykkuno when the pair rolled up on each other. 

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Sykkuno Valkyrae roleplay GTA RP characters IRLRockstar Games, Twitter: Valkyrae
Sykkuno and others have been diving deep into the world of GTA RP.

Sykkuno and Corpse’s in-game meeting came shortly after the former started up his stream for the day and had already gotten into some criminal shenanigans. 

As he headed back to the apartments, where pretty much everyone meets up, he approached Toast and Corpse’s character – mistaking his longtime Among Us pal for a different GTA RP character. 

“What? That’s not Cookie!” Sykkuno said before he started laughing, realizing he’d just met Corpse. The meeting got slightly awkward as they tried to roleplay things like swapping phone numbers, but Sykkuno couldn’t stop laughing at Corpse’s out-of-character references. 

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Given that he’s been around the block of NoPixel, Sykkuno quickly stepped into the leader role of the group, helping his pals out and showing them how to get involved in making money. 

While he left them alone and went to go do a bank heist, Sykkuno’s pals eventually landed in the Casino and pumped a tonne of cash into the lucky wheel, very reminiscent of their Rust days. 

Whether or not Corpse sticks around GTA RP for too long remains to be seen, but Toast has already changed his mind on it, saying he’s had a lot of fun in just a short space of time. 

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