Simple GTA Online glitch turns Oppressor MK2 into a flamethrower

Daniel Cleary

Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a simple glitch that can turn the Oppressor MK2 into a terrifying flamethrower while soaring through the Los Santos skies.

There are plenty of vehicles for players to choose between in GTA Online, with the likes of fighter jets, tanks, and more, which are all available for purchase in the multiplayer title.

However, there is one vehicle in particular that many players gravitate towards when they can gather enough cash, the Oppressor MKII motorbike, which is known for being useful in almost every situation.

oppressor mk2 hoverbike in gta online
A GTA Online glitch can turn the Oppressor MK2 into a flamethrower.

Following its introduction during the After Hours update in 2018, the Oppressor MK2 has been available on the Warstock Cache and Carry website, starting at GTA$3,890,250, and can come equipped with some incredibly powerful homing missiles.

Although the popular vehicle has been around for quite a while, players are still coming up with unique uses and even new glitches for the MK2, with YouTuber ToxicMisfits sharing a simple trick that can turn the hoverbike into a flamethrower.

The GTA Online player revealed that the MK2 Oppressor could actually shoot out some massive flames, when flying through the air, and all people would need to replicate this glitch is one of these vehicles and a Jerry Can. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

How to turn the Oppressor MK2 into a flamethrower

  1. Park the MK2 oppressor in an open area, such as a clearing.
  2. Grab your Jerry Can and pour gas around the back of the MK2 hoverbike.
  3. Hop onto the vehicle and simply press the ‘boost’ button while flying.
  4. The Mk2’s exhaust will light the glitched gas on fire and give it a flamethrower effect.
  5. This glitch will last between 6-8 seconds before the fire eventually runs out, returning the bike to normal.

While the flames do look deadly, it can only be used as a cosmetic effect and won’t do any damage to your opponents, although it might scare a few unsuspecting players off in a fight.

It is also worth noting that if you pour any of the gas on the front of the bike, instead of around the back, you can actually set yourself on fire, which might not be as impressive a sight as this sweet glitch.

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