Must-know GTA Online trick makes Trackify CEO crate jobs much easier

Connor Bennett
GTA Online character in a nightclubRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V players have got a simple trick that makes GTA Online’s create tracking missions an absolute breeze and saves so much time. 

There is an obscene number of ways to make money in GTA Online – be it through stealing from the different stores, coming out on top in races, or putting a ton of time and effort into going through a heist. 

Once you make some money, you can start building up a true criminal empire through things like Gunrunning, Motorcycle Clubs, and being a CEO. The last of these is truly lucrative if you put the time and effort needed to make it a success.

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Though, if you start up a Trackify mission and you have to get your stolen goods back, there is a classic tip that everyone should know. 

GTA Online character with a minigunRockstar Games
There are a whole host of ways to earn cash in GTA Online – some are easy, some are not.

When you start up one of your Trackify missions, you will have to go and steal some counterfeit goods. Obviously, the game won’t always make this simple for you, and you’ll be given a few vehicles to chase.

However, instead of going on a wild goose chase across Los Santos, you simply have to wait for the game to present you with all your options on the tracker. 

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If three dots pop up on the tracker, the one that appears last is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for inside. If not, and four pop up, one will eventually turn green – and that is the one you’re looking for in that case. 

Obviously, you can have a bit of fun by chasing the different vehicles across GTA Online, especially if it’s downtown Los Santos and you fancy roleplaying as an action movie star for a few minutes. 

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However, if you just want to grind out missions and quickly move on to the next one so you can maximize your time, it is a tip that you simply have to know. 

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