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Complete GTA 6 map design of Las Venturas looks as good as real

Published: 5/Sep/2020 16:39

by Calum Patterson


With no release date in sight for the highly anticipated next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, fans have been left to their own devices, coming up with concepts for how the game could end up. 

Although we know essentially nothing about GTA 6, except that it’s in development, some fans of the series are already hoping for a return to the West Coast setting seen in San Andreas, specifically the city of Las Venturas.

Based on the real-world Las Vegas, this would provide an opportunity for the city/desert split that was seen in GTA V, as one fan has mocked up.


Las Venturas Airport in San Andreas
Rockstar Games
This GTA fan hopes to be flying into LVA in the next game.

Las Venturas GTA 6 concept

In GTA V, although there was a large urban portion of the map, the bulk of it was actually more rural. This was a departure from previous entries in the series, which focused mainly on cities exclusively, especially with GTA IV.

With this in mind, this GTA fan has combined the large city environment with a sprawling desert area surrounding Las Venturas.

Not only is this map design inspired by GTA V’s, but possibly also by the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, which will also feature a large desert area, called the outlands. This will sit outside of the main ‘Night City’, just like Las Venturas does here.


GTA 6 map concept of Las Venturas
Reddit: u/thefaceofyourfather
Reddit user u/thefaceofyourfather designed this excellent map concept for GTA 6, of Las Venturas.

As San Andreas players will know, Bone County is the large sandy area in the north of the map, housing the top-secret Area 69 (inspired by Area 51, of course).

Fort Carson also makes a return in this map concept, the largest town in Bone County. For the city proper, it features the iconic Vegas strip, and we can only imagine all the criminal ongoings that would be possible in the City of Sin.

When we finally do get a reveal of where GTA 6 is headed, this fan is clearly hoping that some of his ideas might come to life in a reimagined creation of Las Venturas. But, other leaks have suggested a return to the east coast instead, either Liberty City or Vice City.