GTA Online vehicle is becoming the new “what color is this dress” meme

Bill Cooney

GTA Online players are sharply divided over what color a certain finish for a new vehicle introduced in The Contract update actually is, and it all reminds us of a widespread meme from years ago.

The new Contract update in GTA Online added a ton of content, including the new Mammoth Patriot Mil Spec vehicle. Resembling a military Humvee, the Patriot is “a boxy behemoth” that’s also throwing players for a loop.

Not because it’s extra difficult to unlock or use or anything like that, instead it’s what color the truck actually is that’s dividing public opinion.

What color is the Mammoth Patriot in GTA Online?

It all started on Reddit, where user Terryr29 posted a picture of the Patriot in Los Santos Customs, explaining they and their friend were at a crossroads over whether it was dark green or brown.

The overwhelming opinion in the Reddit comments seems to be that it’s a shade of tan, which is technically a type of brown. Though, there are a few holdouts who insist it’s indeed an olive green instead.

If you go into Los Santos Customs yourself, the color is called “Flat Dark Earth” which really doesn’t pin it down as tan or green. The lighting could be playing tricks here too, since the garage is inside with artificial lighting and not in the sun.

While this debate is ongoing, it reminds us of a hugely popular meme from 2015, that had the entire internet debating about the color of a dress (it was a simpler time).

GTA’s own “what color is this dress” meme

Back in 2015 everyone and their mother was debating what color this dress was.

If you were on social media in 2015 it was impossible not to see the massive debate over what color this innocuous looking dress really was. Some thought it was black and blue, while others thought it was yellow and white.

Just like the Patriot, everyone had their own opinion as to why it was the color they thought it was, and why the other side was wrong. At first glance you might think it’s black and blue just like the Mammoth Mil-Spec is tan, but the more you look at it, the more doubt might creep into your mind.

But, if you want to avoid this debate altogether, just drop some cash to slap a custom paint job on there and avoid the mystery altogether.

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