How to claim GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards (October)

How to claim GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards (October)

Published: 1/Oct/2021 9:31

by David Purcell


GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards are still going in 2021, and a new batch has been revealed. Check out the latest deals, $100,000 of free GTA$, and two huge discounts.

The game might be almost a decade old at this point, but millions of players still dive into the action of GTA 5 every month. Every week, a content update is released with new cars, apartments, missions, and bonuses – and there’s even a new heist in the works too.

You can grab an additional $400k per month if you link up your Rockstar Social Club account and your Prime Gaming account, which used to be called Twitch Prime. On top of that, getting huge discounts on different vehicles throughout the year is also one of the perks, not to mention free properties.


As of October 2021, there are major discounts on some of GTA 5’s vehicles, as well as some bonus cash for you to spend in-game. Here’s everything new in GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards.

How to claim GTA 5 Prime Gaming rewards

Rockstar Games
This property could be yours just for being an active member of Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming members are among the luckiest around right now, having enjoyed exclusive access to the Vespucci Canals Nightclub for some time, and that’s not going away any time soon. Alongside that, huge chunks of cash and discounts are available for members.

To get your hands on all of this, though, you’re not just going to need a Prime Gaming account, but you’re going to have to utilize Rockstar Social Club. Here’s how.


  1. First of all, make sure that your Prime Gaming account is fully linked with your Rockstar Social Club account.
  2. Sign in using the Social Club website.
  3. Link your Twitch account by signing into it on the next window.
  4. From there, link it to the gaming account you use on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.
  5. Finally, load up GTA Online and redeem your rewards in-game each week.

Free $100k in GTA Online (October)

If you follow those steps correctly, you’re in the money. Rockstar Games are offering a free $400k per month for every Prime Gaming member – broken down into $100k per week.

Unfortunately, the Kosatka Sonar Station has been removed from the rewards as well as the bonus cash for logging in for consecutive weeks. Although this will be disappointing for some players, it’s possible Rockstar is clearing space for brand new rewards.

GTA prime rewards
Rockstar Games
GTA players can claim a total of $400k per month with Prime.

GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards

Here are the two major discounts and free content available for Prime Gaming members until the end of October.


Casco GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The Casco in GTA Online.

The Casco has been discounted by 65% in GTA Online, meaning it’s available for $316,540 – $230,000.


If you were looking into grabbing this vehicle any time soon, now is surely the best time to splash the cash.


RT3000 GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The RT3000 in GTA Online.

Lastly, rounding off the list of Prime Gaming discounts is the RT3000. This nimble vehicle has seen its price slashed by 35% and is now $1,114,750 – $836,062.

Clearly, it’s worth knowing how to link your Prime Gaming and Rockstar Social Club accounts this month – with even more offers and rewards expected to drop in the coming months.

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