GTA Online player gets hacked with never-ending phone calls and it’s torture

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Aug 19, 2021
Rockstar via u/SentinelWhite

A bizarre hack in Grand Theft Auto Online reportedly makes it so that players are constantly hearing their phone ring in the game, and it’s torturous to play with.

There’s plenty of hackers in GTAO that can be really problematic for players. Rockstar have been trying to put a lid on the problem, but more cheaters tend to crop up as soon as they get ban-hammered away.

While we’ve seen outright egregious hacks before that basically gave GTAO hackers god-mode exploits to mess with people. While this time it’s not as outright offensive, it’s something much more sinister for long-time GTA players.

If there’s one thing GTA players hate, it’s the incessant ringing on the phone that can happen from the many NPCs that always need your attention for some reason.

Well YouTuber ‘Gypsy’ recorded his encounter with an apparent GTA hacker who didn’t outwardly bug his game, until he noticed that his in-game phone’s dial tone wouldn’t stop ringing.

“It seems that hackers have found a new way to annoy everyone in the lobby,” he said. “I start hearing this dial tone like I’m trying to call [someone.]… But my phone is put away since I’m not trying to call anyone.”

The YouTuber found that the ringing wouldn’t stop. In fact, they called Mors and then heard the dial tone of the phone and another dial tone at the same time, which is when he noticed the hack.

Gypsy likened the experience to “psychological torture” since the ringing even followed him in the GTA V campaign and even the cutscenes. Luckily, however, restarting the game seemed to do the trick.

While this isn’t game-breaking by any means, the hack is just another way GTAO cheaters are finding to mess with both players and Rockstar.

The studio has resorted to shutting down entire hacking sites for GTA, but it’s still an ongoing war against cheaters.

If you come across this particular GTA Online hack, then take off your headset and restart the game unless you want to go crazy hearing ringing every few minutes.