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New GTA Online trend is the perfect way to combat griefers

Published: 11/Aug/2021 17:07

by Nick Farrell


Griefers in any online game are some of the worst players you can run into, but within GTA Online some players have come up with the perfect way to combat them.

GTA Online has been producing some top-notch content over the years, and players have become accustomed to the game’s often insane antics. From completing races with your friends or taking part in GTA RP, you can do just about anything in the metropolis of Los Santos.

But, from time to time, you’ll also run into some pesky players whose only goal is to grief your game. These players can be stubborn and will go out of their way to bring down your GTA Online experience.


But, one player has created the perfect way to combat these griefers, and it’s one of the best ways we’ve ever seen!

Rockstar Games
New cars have recently been added into the game during the Los Santos Tuners update.

GTA Online trend is a griefer’s worst nightmare

While simply eliminating these griefers over and over is one of the easier ways to defeat these players, one Reddit user has devised the perfect way to really get under the skin of certain players.

First, wait until the player is in passive mode. For players to get into passive mode, others will need to continuously eliminate them over and over until the game makes them invisible because they’ve died so much.

New trend- put griefers in passive and then submit your best selfie with them as they’re typing their hearts out about how bad you are. from gtaonline

Second, pose next to them with your camera and take a selfie with the griefer. They’ll likely be staying still, as most of the time, the other player is “typing their hearts out about how bad you are.”


This typically takes around five or so minutes but changes player to player.

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways we’ve seen player deal with griefers and you should try it out if you run into one of these players.