GTA Online player reveals hilarious tactic to stop Oppressor MK2 griefers

Alan Bernal
Rockstar Games/Imgur: Diletant

GTA Online players have been putting up with a scourge of Oppressor MK2 griefers throughout Los Santos recently, and members of the community have started fighting back in creative ways.

While trolling is a completely normal part of the GTA Online experience, there’s nothing sweeter than getting back at players that just did you wrong. Well, there’s a batch of people that typically take to the skies in helis, jets, and the popular Oppressors to ruin people’s days.

There’s plenty of instances where Oppressor users, especially, take the trolling a bit too far and just start to get frustrating to deal with.

True to form for the GTA Online community, people have been plotting against them and finding hilarious ways of downing the griefers.

Rockstar Games
Oppressor MK2s are really fun to drive, but GTA Online trolls have been using them for evil.

Reddit user ‘Yung_Almonds’ shared how they decided to take care of a bully in GTA Online, catching them at an opportune moment of weakness.

The best part of GTAO is probably how cinematic the game can get, given the right moments and point of view of when all the action happens.

Ducking out behind a wall, Yung_Almonds used the third-person perspective to his advantage in a scheme to get revenge on someone that kept killing him with the Oppressor.

Once the MK2 was in the air, the player waited until just after takeoff to set off the sticky bomb they had planted on the backside of the ride.

The bomb went off just as it looked like the Oppressor was going to get away to terrorize some other player, but he didn’t quite make it out.

People have been getting so clever with their kills, there should be awards for creative, authentic Oppressor takedowns if these wild plays keep happening.

GTA Online players getting back at Oppressor trolls in funny ways has been a neat twist to the game’s current saga with griefers.