GTA Online player shows how to wreck Oppressor MK2 trolls in style

. 1 year ago
GTA online player riding a MK2 Oppressor through Los Santos
Rockstar Games

A GTA Online player might have dealt with an MKII Oppressor troll in the most impressive fashion ever using the brand new Toreador car.

Ever since the MKII Oppressor’s made their way into GTA Online, players have been having to find ways to deal with them so that they don’t ruin the session for everyone.

As we’ve seen, some players will use things like the Mobile Operations Centre truck cab and Nightshark to eat up missiles from Oppressor trolls, forcing them to go away and pick on another target.

Others fight back, using explosive snipers and Hydra jet planes to fire missiles at them too, but now, the Toreador can join the fight – and one player used in an incredibly impressive fashion.

Rockstar Games
The MKII Opressor, also known as the ‘boom stick’ by some GTA players.

The highlight comes from Reddit user NinjaDragon177, who was using their Toreador in a fight against an Oppressor troll when they became boxed in against a wall.

Even though the Oppressor player still had the height, and could have easily spammed missiles, they didn’t. That gave the Redditor a chance to turn the tables and deal with their foe.

NinjaDragon177 quickly ramped off a pile of dirt and flipped upside down. While floating in midair, seemingly waiting for the Oppressor to shoot, the Redditor hit the launch on their own missiles – eliminating the Oppressor and landing their Toreador back to the ground in style.

With their highlight quickly gaining traction, the Redditor received plenty of praise for their impressive kill. Though, some others had an idea for Rockstar. “There should be an option, where you can choose a session without mk2. They ruined gta online experience for good!” said one commenter.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the Redditor, you’ll need a Toreador and that’ll cost $3,660,000. The car can take about three hits from the Oppressor, so it’s not as durable as a Nightshark. But, if you want to really up the ante, use a propeller plane.

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