GTA Online fans “pissed” as devs remove nearly 200 vehicles from in-game store

Liam Ho
Grand Theft Auto Online Car

GTA Online players are not all too thrilled with developer Rockstar after they reportedly removed nearly 200 vehicles from the in-game store to create a more streamlined experience.

Grand Theft Auto Online is a game that almost everyone on the internet knows to some degree. The classic hit-and-run formula attached to a huge open world creates a sandbox environment with plenty of things to do. Whether that be committing heists, armed robberies, or races, the game makes sure that players are satiated with their playtime.

One of the best ways to spend time within the game can be through driving. Grand Theft Auto Online hosts a multitude of different forms of transportation, allowing players to add whatever they want to their collection.

Unfortunately, it appears that Rockstar has removed a good amount of these cars from the in-game store, causing upset from some of the players.

GTA Online players fuming as Rockstar removes 195 vehicles from in-game store

Rockstar announced on June 13 that they had removed lesser-used vehicles from the game’s store, instead placing them in event showrooms and the Lucky Wheel. However, it turns out Rockstar removed 195 vehicles in total from the store in total, resulting in an outcry from the player base.

“The vast majority of these vehicles are not simply less-common or spawn-on-the-street vehicles,” one player lashed out on Reddit. Some, like the Stirling GT, are among the most competitive vehicles in their specific classes. And in that particular case, the Stirling GT is still available for purchase—for GTA+ members only at the new “Vinewood Car Club,” a location where 10 vehicles will be shuffled around every week for test driving/purchasing.” the post states.

The Redditor continued by commenting on how strange it is for Rockstar to introduce FOMO (Fear of Missing out) into a game as old as GTA Online.

“It’s a fairly baffling example of attempting to introduce FOMO into a decade-old game at this point, and the community is rightfully pretty pissed.”

“That’s a disgusting amount of content removed.” another agreed.

byu/PapaXan from discussion

It’s uncertain what Rockstar does from here, but with the player base fuming over these removals, they’ll need to try something to appease their players. Perhaps we’ll see some of these vehicles reinstated shortly.

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