GTA 6 Vice City map & amusement park “debunked” after leaker reveals truth

Michael Gwilliam
Michael on cell phone in GTA 6
Rockstar Games

Recent GTA 6 leaks showing off a map of Vice City and an amusement park have seemingly been debunked after a man has taken credit for creating them himself for the laughs.

The GTA community was having a field day in recent weeks, thinking that they’d managed to hit a treasure trove of leaks after a video showing off an in-game map was posted online.

Shortly after, a new leak emerged showcasing an amusement park called Fred’s Fun World featuring shops and attractions with comedic names that would fit nicely in the GTA universe.

Unfortunately, it seems like this was all just an elaborate scam and the work of one man who goes by the name ‘Tim McDowell’ on Medium.

A post on the site explains why the recent leaks are fake and includes the link to a YouTube video.

“That’s right, I did this. I faked all of it,” the post reads. “Every leak regarding GTA VI on the entire internet. It was me. And I will strike again. You’ll never see me coming.”

The video itself is a bit wild. Featuring the song ‘Clubbed to Death’ by Rob Dougan, the “leaker” reveals the entire GTA 6 map without the bad camera angle from the original.

All the while, memes featuring The Joker from Batman keep popping up. He also showed how he created the Fred’s Fun World leak, primarily Fred Quincy himself.

“Dear GTA community, I have an IQ of 198,” the leaker mocked. “My goals are beyond your understanding. My graphic design skills are mediocre at best.”

Once more, the user warned that they’d strike again and this wouldn’t be the last time the community will have to deal with fake leaks.

The leaks just prove how hungry GTA fans are for content. Until Rockstar finally announces GTA 6 themselves, expect more eyes to be analyzing everything they put down, trying to find that one hint proving GTA 6 really exists.