GTA 5 player returns after 3 years and makes police discovery

Brianna Reeves
gta 5 police discovery

A GTA 5 player encountered interesting behavior from a police officer that highlights an incredible attention to detail in the 9-year-old game.

Rockstar Games typically packs its interactive adventures full of smaller details that most players never notice. In GTA 5, for instance, those who fail and repeat a story mission will receive different dialogue during the debriefing section.

Breaks in older cars are prone to squeaking, too. And if Franklin’s driving with his dog, Chop, he’ll actually reach over to open the door for him after parking.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is similarly replete with small touches, such as possums playing dead and decomposing corpses.

GTA 5’s police take their jobs very seriously

While driving through Los Santos, GTA 5 player and Redditor Technical-Ad1059 noticed a motorcycle cop parked behind bushes near an overpass.

The police officer wasn’t standing there for his health, either. With binoculars in hand, he appeared to be closely observing traffic.

Technical-Ad1059 thought the moment interesting enough to share in the GTA subreddit with the following screenshot.

As others noted in the thread, this serves as another example of the game’s incredible attention to detail. A_Guy_Named_Matthew also pointed out other instances players may stumble across in-game.

Apparently, an LSSD patrol car watches traffic “near the prison on Route 68,” the Redditor said. XPERTGAMER47 added undercover cop cars sometimes patrol the area around the strip club, as well.

It’s interesting that players continue to uncover previously unseen details in a game that will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year.

The scope of the experience is even more impressive when considering the age of the hardware upon which Rockstar built it. The next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series could add even more interesting micro-details, making gameplay more immersive than ever.