Fake GTA 6 ads are tricking players to “download” the game now

Brianna Reeves
fake gta 6 ads online

Grand Theft Auto fans have encountered fake ads for GTA 6 while browsing the internet; suffice it to say, they’ve done nothing but get peoples’ hopes up.

After years of rumors and speculation, Rockstar Games finally revealed that active development on the next Grand Theft Auto entry had begun.

The studio announced the news earlier this year, though nothing else about the eagerly-anticipated project has surfaced in the months since then.

Of course, the rumors and speculation have yet to subside. A recent report out of Bloomberg claims GTA 6 will include a female protagonist, for example.

Grand Theft Auto faithful may soon find themselves inundated with another type of unofficial GTA 6 content.

Beware: Fake GTA 6 ads making the rounds online

While surfing the web, Redditor Ya_Boi_uh_SkinnyPeni encountered an advertisement for GTA 6, one inviting users to visit a website and “Play GTA VI Free.”

The ad in question even features a fake GTA 6 logo, with art inside of the roman numerals modeled after a skyline.

“Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope,” wrote Reddit user nguyenbh295. Others like ZinfiniteGuy took the bit a step further, joking that they installed the game and could confirm Los Santos as the locale and GTA 5’s Lester Crest as the protagonist.

This isn’t the first time that fake GTA 6 ads have circulated online. It’s unlikely to be the last, either. Earlier this year, phony advertisements for the game were popping up on YouTube videos.

It seems franchise publisher Take-Two Interactive nipped them in the bud pretty quickly, so here’s to hoping the same fate befalls this scam, as well.

According to industry insiders such as Tom Henderson and Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the next GTA installment may not hit store shelves until 2025. It’ll be quite some time before Rockstar’s ready to start rolling out its ad campaign.