Angry GTA 5 Online fans ratio PS5 delay announcement, slam “updated” graphics

Michael Gwilliam
GTA V on PS5 delayed
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans anticipating the re-rerelease of GTA 5 and Online in November were not pleased to see that the PS5 port had been delayed and didn’t have much to show in the way of graphical improvements either.

The September 9 PlayStation Showcase had a lot of great reveals such as the new Spider-Man 2, Wolverine and God of War Ragnarok to just name a few. Sadly, GTA fans were left disappointed.

Fans have eagerly awaiting news on the PS5 port, dubbed “expanded and enhanced” by Rockstar themselves, but the newest trailer had GTA enthusiasts scratching their heads.

“How are people defending this? How? Do you say thank you when restaurant employees spit in your food too?” an angry fan wrote on Twitter following the update.

A lot of the trailer was mocked, ranging from comments on the lack of visual improvements to the fact it hyped up “seamless character switching” which has existed in GTA V since launch.

“This is a disgusting way to treat your community and it’s definitely not the Rockstar I once used to know,” Rockstar news reporter Videotech wrote.

“I rewatched the trailer and there’s literally no differences. It looks exactly like the PC version at 4K. This is also coming from somebody who plays the game on PC at 4K with the best settings possible,” he further blasted. “This looks like a huge cashgrab unless I’m missing something.”

On YouTube, both Rockstar and PlayStation’s own uploads of the trailer have more dislikes than likes, effectively “ratioing” the content.

It’s unclear if Rockstar has something else up their sleeves in the months ahead to really make the next-gen version of GTA V special or if this is all they have to offer.

GTA V PS5 delay
Fans started disliking the GTA 5 PS5 trailer.

If it’s the latter, it seems like a lot of fans will be left unsatisfied and unimpressed — quite the contrary to expanded and enhanced.

We will have to see what the future holds when GTA 5 drops once again, this time in March 2022.