Genshin Impact voice actors address Elliot Gindi sexual misconduct scandal

Jeremy Gan
Tighnari in Genshin ImpactHoyoverse

The cast of English actors for Genshin Impact has addressed the recent sexual misconduct scandal surrounding Elliot Gindi, the voice of Tighnari.

Elliot Gindi, who is responsible for the English voice of Tighnari in Genshin Impact, was accused of predatory behavior in early February. He has gone on to admit and apologize for it.

The allegations first came to light when a Twitter user, Fretcore, who is also a moderator for Gindi’s Discord Server, shared a Google document showing evidence of the voice actor’s predatory behaviors.

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In the document, they allege that the voice actor had been engaged in sexual relationships with teenage fans, and accusing him of being a sexist, transphobe, and an emotional abuser.

The allegations were backed up by leaked messages showing his exchanges with fans. In the screenshots, he can be seen threatening suicide in order to pressure people to get his way, and even requesting to meet fans in person.

Gindi has responded and admitted wrongdoing to the allegations in a Twitlonger, saying he never intended to cause any harm, and thought everything was consensual and safe

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Alejandro Saab, the voice for Cyno, expressed his anger with Ginidi as it came out he was using Saab’s name to lure fans. He says, “I barely knew Elliot Gindi. We literally just played games together. The first time I talked to him was on a live stream.

“That was the literal extent of any relationship we had. Just because I voice Cyno and he was Tighnari, doesn’t mean it went any deeper than that.”

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Brianna Knickerbocker, voice of Hu Tao, expressed her anger at Gindi saying “Everything Elliot has done has left me so angry and triggered. There needs to be consequences for his actions.”

Chris Faiella, the voice director for the English dub of Geshin Impact has promised to “rectify this situation”, and has already informed Hoyoverse of the issue.

Many fans have called for the removal of Gindi from his role as Tighnari, and while nothing is confirmed, it could happen soon.

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Hoyoverse has responded, saying in a statement to GamesRadar+, “We deeply regret the harm and damage that happened to our fans, gamers, community and anyone affected.

“Both our internal teams and external partners including our voice acting studio have been working together on an urgent solution. And we will keep you posted on the progress.”

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