Genshin Impact players divided over new 4.4 combat event

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Genshin Impact players have been left divided on Triumphant Frenzy, with many both loving and hating the new 4.4 event. 

The Genshin Impact 4.4 update is well underway and players from around the world are busy delving into all the new content. While the new banner characters Xianyun/Gaming and the Lantern Rite have proven incredibly popular, there is one event that has players divided. 

Triumphant Frenzy is the game’s latest combat event that tasks players with building the best Genshin Impact team comps from a pool of characters. In fact, the round-based game mode doesn’t enable Travelers to use their own units. As you can imagine, this has proven to be a little controversial. 

Genshin Impact players divided over 4.4 Triumphant Frenzy event 

“I agree… it’s up there with the best,” said one Genshin Impact player. “You have to plan your team selection adding a layer of strategy and everything isn’t just trivialized by broken buffs or our overly strong characters.”

However, not everyone was on board with the idea of a Triumphant Frenzy return. This mainly comes down to players not being able to use the characters they have spent months and years building. Many comments also noted how the event’s difficulty is artificial and clearing it isn’t indicative of overall skill. 

“It’s not that this event is inherently hard, but playing with characters that I don’t have and don’t know their playstyles with team comps that I don’t usually play with along with the uncertainty of character selection made it hated for me. The concept of the gamemode is fun though.”

It’s clear the game mode has been incredibly divisive in the Genshin Impact community, but there is one positive that the community agrees on – trialing team comps.  “I just love I can find new comps that I wasn’t aware of before,” noted one Traveller. “For example, dual carry Ayaka x Wrio is something that never crossed my mind. Like, Ayaka does her ult then swap to Wrio to punch them to death while perma-frozen.”

Others noted how HoYoverse should expand upon Triumphant Frenzy’s roster and enable players to choose from every character in the game. Not only does this enable the community to experiment with ability synergies, but it can also help Travellers plan for future banners to roll on. 

Whether HoYoverse will ever bring back Triumphant Frenzy remains to be seen, but for now, it seems the event has been rather divisive.

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