Genshin Impact Kokomi banner rerun: Is it worth the Primogems?

Kokomi in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Kokomi banner rerun will enable Travelers to pull for the 5-star Hydro healer, but is this life-saving support worth rolling for?

Genshin Impact 3.0 is well underway and Travelers have been busy delving into all the new Sumeru content. With the Tighnari banner soon wrapping up, players will be looking ahead to the Kokomi and Ganyu banner reruns. 

Starting in phase 2 of the 3.0 update, Kokomi will receive a banner rerun alongside the new 4-star character Dori. Kokomi is known for providing lifesaving heals to her allies, which makes her a popular pick in the game’s Spiral Abyss. 

The 5-star Hydro character was originally released back in the 2.1 update and since then, she has appeared one other time. However, Travelers who missed her previous banners will now have another opportunity to unlock her when the Drifting Luminescence banner makes its long-awaited return. 

Is Kokomi worth pulling for? 

Ganyu and Kokomi banner rerunHoYoverse
The Kokomi banner will soon be available once again.

Yes, the Kokomi banner rerun is worth pulling on. The 5-star support character is one of the best healers in the entire game and can keep her allies’ on their feet during even the toughest fights. 

Not only does her Elemental Skill deal Hydro damage to nearby opponents, but it also heals all nearby active characters. This makes her incredibly useful during high-level Domains and end-game Spiral Abyss content. 

In fact, Kokomi is so influential in the game’s meta that she currently has an 83.6% pick rate, putting her in fifth place just below Zhongli and Venti. If you’re looking for a great AoE Hydro unit that can also stave off the icy clutches of death, then you should definitely consider spending Primogems on the Kokomi banner rerun. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know on whether you should roll on the Kokomi banner in 3.0. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and guides.