Shroud Partners Up With Postmates After Making Over 161 Orders So Far This Year – Details and Favorite Meals

Albert Petrosyan

Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has officially partnered up with Postmates food delivery service.

After being a customer of their for years, the former CSGO pro player finally decided to go beyond just using them as a service provider.

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Shroud’s fondness for Postmates is well documented as he has made over 161 orders so far this year, sometimes even getting food delivered up to four times a day.

“Postmates has been a lifesaver for me. I stream for hours every day and being able to rely on Postmates to deliver food to me fast has been huge for ensuring I have the fuel I’ve needed to get through the grind. Excited to announce a full partnership with a service I already use all the time!”

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The streamer’s most frequent order over the years have been burritos, and his favorite selection of food are Korean, American, and fast food.

Typically, Shroud’s go-to orders throughout the day are:

  • 9 AM: Two eggs and french toast
  • 2 PM: BBQ pork lunch and pan-fried rice cake
  • 5 PM: Burrito, chips and guacamole 
  • 10 PM: Hershey’s bar, Slurpee and Haagen Dazs vanilla pint

That clearly shows that Postmates plays a very important role in sustaining one of the industry’s top gamers.

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Shroud’s newly formed partnership with Postmates will not only be beneficial for him, but also to his viewers, followers, and fans, who will be receiving surprises during streams, including free deliveries, food, and more.

Shroud will also get his own personal code in the app; all new Postmates users can get $100 in free delivery credits simply by typing “SHROUD” in the promotional code box after making a new account.

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