Twitch streamer aceu reveals massive sponsor offer just to order a pizza on stream

aceu pizzaNRG / Pexels

Popular Apex Legends streamer and former NRG member Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has given a rare insight into just how lucrative sponsorship deals can be for the biggest streamers – revealing he was offered thousands to simply order a pizza.

Twitch has a system called ‘bounties’ which are essentially sponsorship offers brought to streamers by Twitch in collaboration with partners.

Streamers will see their offers on a bounty board, and can simply choose to pick them up, complete the requirements, and earn revenue.

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For the most popular streamers, these offers can be very enticing, with aceu revealing that a simple pizza order could earn him thousands.

aceu reveals Domino’s Pizza offer on Twitch

Aceu, who in fact used to deliver pizzas before getting his break as a streamer, was specifically offered a bounty from Domino’s Pizza.

The requirements were very straightforward: order a pizza from Domino’s while streaming.

In return, aceu would be paid $3,500. This is only the share provided to the streamer, with Twitch also receiving a share of the deal, meaning the total expense to Domino’s is likely double this.

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“Do you know how free it is being a streamer?” the former Counter-Strike and Apex Legends pro asked his chat. “Today, I looked at my bounty board, I had a bounty for $3,500, and all you have to do is order a Domino’s Pizza.

“It’s actually insane. Like that is so stupid. What a world we live in.”

It appears aceu didn’t actually take the bounty on, however, as he hasn’t yet ordered a pizza on stream.

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In 2021, aceu revealed that he was earning approximately $100,000 a month from his streaming career – when he “used to make $2000/month delivering pizzas and struggling to pay for dinner.”

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