Noguchi’s Bell – An animated series made in Dreams on PlayStation coming soon

Bill Cooney
Cyber Sheep Films

Noguchi’s Bell is a new impressive-looking animated series made entirely in Dreams on Playstation, and the first episode only has people hungry for more.

Dreams isn’t really a game itself, even though it’s on Playstation. Developed by Media Molecule and released by Sony in 2020, it’s a platform where anyone can create basically whatever they can think up.

This includes entire VR worlds, games, animations, and much more. Dreams lets you make whatever you want it’s not necessarily ‘easy,’ which is why Noguchi’s Bell by Cyber Sheep Films is blowing people away with just how good it looks.

What is Noguchi’s Bell?

Without spoiling anything, the series is about Noguchi Michio, a young samurai on a perilous journey through the desert. Like most other wandering samurai (or ‘ronin’) he’s looking for something to end his long search.

That something would, in Michio’s case, would be a master swordsman to teach him the ways of the blade. However there’s apparently nothing to be found except an eccentric old man and his noodle shop.

Want to know if Noguchi will find the training he’s looking for? Or what exactly is going on with that bell? Like we said, no spoilers, so you’ll have to watch and find out for yourself.

Cyber Sheep Films
Noguchi’s Bell is an ambitious project made entirely in Dreams on Playstation.

Being a series though, we won’t get all the answers in episode one. The good news is that there are more episodes on the way.

Noguchi’s Bell release date: New episodes

The bad news? There’s no set release date for them just yet, though Cyber Sheep did tell Dexerto episode two would probably be out around 4-5 months once the Kickstarter was fully funded.

The show’s Kickstarter launches on August 26 during Gamescom, which will feature a brand-new trailer as well. If you want another way to keep up to date on Noguchi’s Bell, you can also follow them on Twitter.