New York mass shooter livestreamed attack on Twitch

Bill Cooney

A gunman who killed at least 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, streamed the attack live on Twitch while it was happening. The stream was quickly taken down following reports.

After posting an online manifesto proclaiming he was a white supremacist, a shooter opened fire on a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Upon arriving, police found victims inside and outside of the store, according to a report by BNO News. The attack left ten people dead, and three more injured.

Additionally, the shooter streamed the attack on Twitch, as well.

Mass shooting streamed live on Twitch

The attack on May 14 was streamed live on Twitch, with graphic images, including one woman being shot as she walked outside the store.

Additionally, a number of screenshots and clips were posted to Twitter following the attack. Out of respect for the victims, Dexerto will not be naming the suspect, their channel, or sharing any of the clips or video of the shooting.

The gunman was reportedly taken into custody by authorities, with a Facebook live stream showing a man in camouflage being led away in handcuffs by police.
Twitch took down the stream in approximately two minutes, the New York Times reports.

Twitch said the quick takedown demonstrated a “very strong response time considering the challenges of live content moderation, and shows good progress.” Twitch’s VP of trust and safety, Angela Hession, continued in a statement, “In the end, we are all part of one internet, and we know by now that that content or behavior rarely — if ever — will stay contained on one platform,” she said.

Twitch is working with other social platforms and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, to prevent the spread of the video.