YouTuber PrestonPlayz is releasing his very own video game – and it’s NFT-free

Lloyd Coombes
PrestonPlayz Dot Big Bang Would You Rather Game

Dexerto sat down with PrestonPlayz and dot big bang’s CEO to find out what drew the popular YouTuber to the game creation tool.

Preston Blaine Arsement, more commonly known as PrestonPlayz, has built a YouTube empire over more than a decade, and his main channel now sits at a staggering 19.7 million subscribers.

With a focus on family-friendly content that spans Minecraft, Fortnite, and IRL videos, going from strength to strength, it seems like Arsement never stops – and recently invested in a new game creation tool: dot big bang.

dot big bang press shot
dot big bang is a game creation engine that lets players join games in a single click.

“I absolutely love to create stories for my viewers and fans,” he tells Dexerto.

“It is such a motivating factor to explore the imagination of our generation and such a blessing. Dot big bang allows us to do that and reach even more people.”

“When I was first sent the game, I was amazed with how quick I got to play. You really click a link and can jump into such an immersive world. It runs smooth, looks great, and the team behind it knows what they are doing.”

That link-based setup is one of the things that makes dot big bang so special, and developer ControlZee’s CEO and co-founder Robert Anderberg thinks it’ll open up games to much broader audiences.

“On the technical side, being a browser-based platform means people can join a multiplayer game with a single click, without installing anything, on any laptop, tablet, or phone. Anything with a browser can run DBB, which seems pretty simple, but it’s actually a really significant advancement in gaming.”

Streamers, like Preston, can make custom games, post a link in the chat, and have thousands of their fans playing beside them instantly – even if they’re on a hand-me-down potato Android phone. No powerful PC or online-play subscription is required. No lobbies, no queues or connection problems either.”

With the rise of Roblox and Minecraft, though, there are plenty of construction sets with which to make games. As it turns out, it’s dot big bang’s team and their work on Preston’s own “Would You Rather” game that showed off the suite’s potential to the popular streamer.

“I have had the pleasure of using a lot of game creation tools, but DBB really has such a great team behind it. We have had so much fun working together on our Would You Rather game and I can’t wait to create even more exciting experiences in the future.”

Dot Big Bang tower creation
Dot Big Bang is a powerful creation suite.

Anderberg also notes that dot big bang could represent the next step in browser capabilities.

“For creators, it’s a fully-featured game development engine with 3D modeling, world-building, scripting, and more. For players, it’s a free gaming platform that runs anywhere with a connection to the internet (even without WiFi), on pretty much any device. An average game on DBB including all resources, the engine, and creation tools is about 1/4 the size of the average app!” he tells us.

With so much talk about the Metaverse, is there a danger that dot big bang could begin to implement play-to-earn or blockchain mechanics?

“Our community is a big component of dot big bang. The platform has a player-first approach that focuses on what’s fun and good for players above all else, meaning, among other things, that it’s ad-free, crypto-free, and NFT-free,” Anderberg tells us.

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