YouTuber PokeRev blasts “deceptive” Pokemon card packs at Walgreens

PokeRev YouTube looking into the cameraYouTube: PokeRev

Pokemon YouTuber PokeRev has blasted the quality of the mystery Pokemon card packs available at retailers like Walgreens, calling them “deceptive.”

For years, retailers like Walgreens, Target, and Walmart have stocked various non-official Pokemon TCG products.

Usually labeled ‘mystery pack’ or ‘mystery cube,’ they rose in popularity in 2020 after the likes of Logan Paul and others catapulted the TCG’s popularity.

But how good are they? YouTuber PokeRev has uploaded a video showing just what you can pull from these mystery packs, and the results aren’t exactly positive.

YouTuber PokeRev blasts “deceptive” Pokemon card packs

Throughout the shelves of Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and more, Pokemon cards are almost entirely stocked by a distributor by the name of M.J. Holdings.

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The distributor collects random cards and packages them in these ‘mystery’ packs, so PokeRev decided to buy 20 of them to see just how much they’re worth.

After getting about 15 packs in and only having two decent pulls from the packs, he said: “Pretty much at the point of saying don’t buy these… I’ll give this a rating… I’ll [open all 20 packs] but I don’t see anything happening, at all.

“Scammy, very scammy.”

“It would be one thing if there were a possibility of getting a [vintage] pack [or] if they were transparent about what you could get, but they’re not,” he added. “Everything about this to me screams avoid at all costs.”

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Needless to say, PokeRev strongly believes that you’re better off shying away from buying these ‘mystery packs,’ as the odds of finding anything that exceeds the value of the pack itself.