Xbox Windows app adds feature that assesses PC system requirements


Xbox has introduced a new helpful feature to its Windows app that tells players if a game will “play great” on their PC.

Figuring out if a game can run on your PC before purchasing it can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your computer’s specifications.

Often gamers will either download software letting them know if their PC is up to snuff or take a shot in the dark and hope their computer can handle the task.

Xbox is hoping to alleviate this stressor by introducing a new feature for its Xbox Windows app that assesses how a game will play on your machine.

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halo infinite spartan343 Industries
Halo Infinite is one of the titles with access to the new requirements feature.

New helpful Xbox Windows feature

The new performance check is limited to just a handful of titles now but is a new useful indicator to make sure a game can run on your gaming rig.

A green icon will appear next to games that says, “Should play great on this PC.”

In order to access the new feature, players will have to sign up for the Xbox Insider program, which can be accessed through the Xbox Windows App at the top of the screen or through the Microsoft Store.

The new feature appears directly below the games’ title to assess if your computer will run it well or not.

The new feature will be crucial to Xbox PC Game Pass users who are cycling through the tons of titles available through the service.

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