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What is Party Animals and is it coming to consoles?

Published: 11/Oct/2020 15:38

by Georgina Smith


Party Animals is a brand new party game unexpectedly taking Twitch by storm, gaining traction among popular streamers, and YouTube too. Here’s everything you need to know about what this adorable game is all about, and whether it’ll be heading to consoles any time soon.

2020 has been a year of huge success for the indie gaming world. In early August, brightly colored battle royale Fall Guys surged in popularity. The spike was so unexpected that the servers weren’t prepared for the flood of people desperate to try the game.


Then, Among Us seemingly came out of nowhere and snatched the crown from Fall Guys as the biggest indie game on everyone’s mind.

Party Animals is looking to be in a very similar boat to Fall Guys The developers from Recreate Games have revealed that demand for the game overloaded their third-party servers and crashed the game entirely, reaching 110k concurrent players at its peak.

Two characters fight in Party Animals
Recreate Games
The game allows you to fight with your friends in the cutest way possible.

What is Party Animals?

Party Animals is a physics-based multiplayer game that sees you brawl with your friends in an attempt to hurl them off the side of various different platforms.

With a cast of adorable playable characters including dogs and crocodiles, combined with the game’s ragdoll style, the results are both adorable and hilarious.

The game features multiple modes that each require different strategies, and “various unique maps” where the objective is to be the last one standing.

Party Animals character selection screen
Recreate Games
The game features a cast of adorable animal characters.

Party Animals was developed by Recreate Games, and the second demo release of the game is available from October 4 9AM PST to October 13 10AM PST, and is available to download via Steam on PC.

Is Party Animals coming to PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch?

With the enormous success of the beta thus far, and the increase in popularity through Twitch and YouTube, the inevitable requests to bring the game to other platforms has started.

Thankfully, the developers have confirmed their console plans. Recreate Games revealed in a July 1 press release that Party Animals will be releasing on consoles alongside the release date for the full PC version in “late 2020.”


Unfortunately, the developers have not yet confirmed exactly which consoles the game will appear on, though we fully expect both Xbox and PlayStation to be included. As for Nintendo Switch, that might be another matter entirely.

Characters fight in game Party Animals
Recreate Games
The popularity of the game has got people excited for console versions of Party Animals.

Speaking on their unexpected reach, the developers at Recreate games said “it literally was a case of ‘cute overload’, as the demand exceeded the abilities of our third-party servers, and crashed the game!”


They went on to say that they “never anticipated the game would be so popular that we’d have to work around the clock to fix our servers, but we are not complaining!”

While the second beta of Party Animals is available for a short period of time on Steam, the full game is planned to be released in full in late 2020, supporting both English and Chinese languages.

Call of Duty

Shroud explains why killstreaks “ruin gameplay” in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 16/Oct/2020 11:10

by Jacob Hale


After playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PC beta on October 15, Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed one of his main gripes with the game — and long-term Call of Duty fans might not be impressed.

After weekends for PS4 players to play both the alpha and beta builds of Cold War, Activision have opened the floor to fans on all platforms to give the game ago ahead of its November 13 release.


As such, we saw many pros and top streamers piling into the servers to try out the next installment in the CoD franchise, including Twitch and FPS extraordinaire shroud.

That said, it didn’t take long for shroud to find something really frustrating him about the game, and Call of Duty in general: killstreaks.

Modern Warfare 2 Tactical Nuke
Streaks have been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise for well over a decade.

After the enemy team called in multiple Spy Planes, a Sentry Turret, and an Attack Helicopter, he finally had enough, and made a bold call, saying that “killstreaks have got to go.”

After getting a few kills of his own, shroud said: “Nobody gives a f**k about these killstreaks anymore. They only ruin the gameplay experience. There’s quite literally no positive besides a fake feeling of more content, progression”

That wasn’t all, though. He continued, completely condemning killstreaks as a whole: “That’s all it is. A waste of space. Waste of everything. Nobody cares.”


Killstreaks have been a point of contention for a while in the Call of Duty community. The switching between a traditional killstreak system, scorestreaks, and the new Cold War system that seems to be a combination of both, has left fans arguing over their favorite systems and what works best.

It goes without saying, though, that shroud falls into a slightly different category of players that believe killstreaks have no place in Call of Duty at all anymore — and it would be interesting to see how the game plays out without them.