Party Animals: Console release, platforms & more

Georgina Smith
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Party Animals, the game that took Twitch and YouTube by storm is now arriving on console. Here’s everything you need to know about what this adorable game is all about, and when can you enjoy it on a console.

Multiplayer party games have been on the rise as streamers often party up together and engage in fun gameplay to entertain their audience. In the past, games like Human Fall Flat, Among Us and Fall Guys surged in popularity due to their fun-centered gameplay. The spike was so unexpected that the servers weren’t prepared for the flood of people desperate to try the games.

Party Animals falls in a similar boat to Fall Guys. The developers from Recreate Games have revealed that demand for the game overloaded their third-party servers and crashed the game entirely, reaching 110k concurrent players at its peak.

Two characters fight in Party Animals
The game allows you to fight with your friends in the cutest way possible.

What is Party Animals?

Party Animals is a physics-based multiplayer game that sees you brawl with your friends in an attempt to hurl them off the side of various different platforms.

With a cast of adorable playable characters including dogs and crocodiles, combined with the game’s ragdoll style, the results are both adorable and hilarious. The game features multiple modes that each require different strategies, and “various unique maps” where the objective is to be the last one standing.

Party Animals character selection screen
The game features a cast of adorable animal characters.

Party Animals was developed by Recreate Games, and has been available to download via Steam on PC for quite some time.

Party Animals heads to Xbox for console release

With the enormous success of the beta thus far, and the increase in popularity through Twitch and YouTube, the inevitable requests to bring the game to other platforms had started back in 2020.

Thankfully, Recreate Games revealed a console release trailer for Party Animals, which will release on Xbox on September 20, 2023. Players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription will be able to play the game on Day One.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet revealed any plans for PlayStation or Nintendo consoles as of yet.

Characters fight in game Party Animals
The popularity of the game has got fans excited for console versions of Party Animals.

Speaking on their unexpected reach, the developers at Recreate games said “it literally was a case of ‘cute overload’, as the demand exceeded the abilities of our third-party servers, and crashed the game!”

They went on to say that they “never anticipated the game would be so popular that we’d have to work around the clock to fix our servers, but we are not complaining!”

The full version of Party Animals is now available on PC via Steam and supports both English and Chinese languages.

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