Fall Guys giving players in-game rewards for server issues

Tanner Pierce
Fall Guys gameplay with logo
Devolver Digital

After players experienced some unexpected problems with the Fall Guy servers, the developers have confirmed that users will be issuing rewards for their troubles soon.

Server issues are nothing new for games, especially for ones as popular or new as Fall Guys. Some get overloaded all the time and, many times, the developers, no matter how big or small, can’t do much in order to fix it.

Fall Guys has notoriously had a rough launch when it comes to these problems. While the game is being received magnificently when it comes to the raw gameplay, everyone agrees that the server problems are very annoying.

As an apology for the server downtime on Friday, developer Mediatonics confirmed that it will be distributing some sort of in-game reward to players in the near future. Given how bad the servers are on certain days, this is quite a welcome announcement.

As for the reward itself, Mediatonic confirmed that players will be receiving a free Legendary cactus-themed costume called Prickles, as well as 5,000 Kudos (the in-game currency found in Fall Guys).

In order to receive the free gift, all players have to do is open the game before the end of the day on August 13, 2020. If you do, both the costume and the Kudos will appear in your account automatically.

Fall Guys costumes
Mediatonic/Devolver Digital
Developer Mediatonics has confirmed that it will be issuing rewards to players for server downtime.

It’s nice to see the developers acknowledge the server problems in such a direct way. While the studio has proven that it’s aware of the problems in the past, having them promise rewards is another thing entirely, so here’s hoping the servers get fixed soon!