Valve roasts their own mobile app amid Steam Deck 2 rumors

Andrew Highton
steam deck and logo

A complete overhaul of Valve’s Steam App is now being rolled out in beta form and the company themselves have even roasted the long-awaited shake-up of the app ahead of a possible Steam Deck 2 announcement.

The original Steam mobile app has been around for quite some time now, so much so that users have wanted a sparkling upgrade to revolutionize it and simultaneously modernize it.

Valve is duly delivering on this request as they have announced that they have completely rebuilt the app and have launched it to select users through an exclusive beta.

If that wasn’t enough, Valve even threw in a cheeky dig at themselves about the state of the long-standing Steam app.

Steam Deck warranted a mobile app update?

In a blog post outlining the goals for the new Steam mobile app, the company said: “Today we’re starting a limited beta of the updated Steam mobile App. We’ve rebuilt the app on a new framework and modernized the design.”

A humorous reference by Valve was made to its potential outdatedness saying: “2015 called and wanted their app back.”

“You’ll still be able to browse the store, get Steam Guard codes, and confirm trades, but now the app comes with QR code sign in, smarter notifications, an improved Library, and multi account support,” they said in relation to the new features and changes.

The beta has been live for a few days now and it’s limited to just 10,000 participants, although Valve is encouraging unsuccessful applicants to provide general feedback and support.

It’s been commonly accepted that the Steam mobile app has needed some regenerative work for a while now, but there’s also a theory that the Steam Deck is partially responsible for this.

Tons of backdated orders are still being sorted due to demand greatly outweighing the supply, but rumor has it that the Steam Deck 2 is already in development.

With the new line of consoles already selling well, it would make sense for Valve to want to update their Steam mobile app to make it easier for players to use and purchase new games.