Steam Deck owner shocks others with “monstrous” way to use PS5 controller

Dylan Horetski
Steam Deck OLED on desk

A Steam Deck owner on Reddit has left others shocked with their “monstrous” way to use a PS5 DualSense controller with the Valve handheld.

Since the Steam Deck’s full release back in February 2022, Valve’s PC gaming handheld has changed the way people play video games on the go.

Owners of the Steam Deck have gone viral many times in the past with their unique ways of using the device, including using a full DJ kit with the handheld.

Now, an owner of the Valve device has left others shocked with their “monstrous” way to use a PS5 controller on their favorite game.

Steam Deck owner creates “monstrous” way to use PS5 controller

In a post on the Steam Deck subreddit, user lerpo shared the rather unique way that they have been using a PS5 DualSense controller with the Steam Deck.

Similar to how mobile gamers do it, Lerpo created a clip the size of the Valve handheld to attach it to the top of the controller.

“Just… hear me out, okay?” they said.

The Steam Deck is nearly 1.5 lbs in weight, meaning the clip that OP created to use his DualSense controller on the handheld is very top-heavy while in use.

Users took to the comments to share their thoughts about it, and many were left shocked.

“I’ll give you a week max before I see a broken Deck picture update post,” one replied.

Another commented: “My wrist hurts just by watching.”

“Brother, why did this monstrous idea rise from the depths of your brain,” a third commented.

Stories about broken Steam Decks are common across the internet, with one user shattering their screen after stepping on it following a tea break.