Twitch streamer rages at God of War Ragnarok NPC backseating

God of War Ragnarok backseatingSanta Monica Studio

Getting pestered by chat is a common occurrence for livestreamers, but Twitch streamer Elajjaz was backseated by his in-game companion during a boss fight in God of War Ragnarok.

**Spoilers for a mid-game boss and some story details ahead**

Backseating has been a thing for as long as livestreaming has been popular. While having a chat can be a boon in some scenarios, backseating takes it an extra mile and can irritate streamers who are trying to figure out the game for themselves.

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In God of War Ragnarok, companions will often chime in to give the player hints toward what they need to do next, or something they may be missing to progress.

But, for Twitch streamer Elajjaz, in-game backseating went too far – with the Streamer threatening to mute voice volume to avoid the combat chatter.

Twitch streamer furious at God of War Ragnarok NPC backseating

God of War Ragnarok has some tough boss fights with a complex set of mechanics, requiring some trial and error to get the hang of what the bosses are capable of.

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However, Elajjaz was furious at the backseating of Freya, his in-game companion during a boss fight. She was constantly pestering Kratos (and, by extension, the streamer) to parry attacks and dodge properly.

The clip shows his first attempt at the boss fight – one where he died shortly after. Frustration would only build as more and more of Freya’s voice lines taunted him into action.

Freya would say a line like, “Is that what Sparta taught you? Close your ground!” at points where he physically couldn’t get close to the boss. Ela yelled back at the NPC, “But I can’t close the ground when he has AoE in front of him! Shut up, this is ridiculous!”

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Ela’s chat got in on it, comparing Freya to backseaters that would be in his chat. Except she’s in game and can’t be avoided. While he said he liked the fight by the time he bested Nidhogg, Freya’s commentary was certainly not appreciated by the streamer.

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