Texas Chain Saw Massacre game’s bloody Red Band trailer reveals 2023 release date

texas chain saw massacre game 2023 release

An unrated gameplay trailer The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game confirms the multiplayer title will release sometime in 2023 for PC and consoles.

Developed by Gun, the studio responsible for Friday the 13th: The Game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was announced late last year during the Game Awards 2021.

Akin to Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun’s newest experience will pit players against one another in asymmetrical multiplayer matches.

Instead of seven survivors attempting to escape Jason, though, three terror-inducing family members will prey on four scared survivors. The first look at gameplay reveals exactly how the 3v4 format doesn’t offer an advantage to the four attempted escapees.

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre game gets a release window

Leatherface chases a victim in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game.Leatherface chases a victim in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

During the Xbox + Bethesda Extended Showcase, Gun unleashed footage of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s gameplay. Notably, the new trailer finally confirmed the horror title will come to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Game Pass on an unspecified date in 2023.

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The footage proved so bloody, however, that Xbox would only showcase an edited version of the video. As such, those who want a glimpse at Texas Chain Saw Massacre in all of its grindhouse-esque glory will need to check out the Red Band trailer on Gun‘s YouTube channel.

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Inspired by the franchise’s 1974 film, hence the “chain saw” spelling, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will boast plenty of nods to the past.

Horror movie icon Kane Hodder is reprising his role as Leatherface for the project, for example. In addition, Ed Neal who played the Hitchhiker in the Tobe Hooper-directed original also returns in the upcoming game from Gun.

Classic locales such as the Family House, Gas Station, and Slaughterhouse will serve as some of the title’s playable maps. Players will no doubt be excited to test their mettle against Leatherface when the Texas Chain Saw Massacre releases.

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