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Taunting Mario Maker 2 troll gets a sweet taste of karma

Published: 1/Oct/2019 1:54 Updated: 1/Oct/2019 2:05

by Brad Norton


Mario Maker 2 can promote some extraordinary level designers from the Nintendo community, but it can also serve as host to a plethora of trolling creators who just want to watch the world burn.

Released in June of 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, the second entry in the popular Mario Maker franchise saw the introduction of a wide range of new tools and creative features.

From a Super Mario 3D World theme to the implementation of online and local co-op creative mode, the sequel has given new tools to the great creators in the community and thus, the amusingly evil creators in the scene as well.

One such devious level has gone viral after the hilarious antics of a cocky player got the better of him online.

Clearly ahead in the race to the goal, rather than continuing on his path and reaching the finish line, the player controlling Mario instead decided to stay put and mock his competition that found themselves trapped below some troll Question Blocks.

After a few seconds of crouch spamming or ‘teabagging’ for those familiar, Mario simply dropped down to the next opening and soon found himself similarly trapped under some hidden blocks.

This hilarity unfolded right as Luigi was making his own way through the course, jumping straight overhead and reaching the goal without so much as a single interruption.

It’s safe to say that the Mario player was more than kicking themselves after that display, to let it all slip with victory just a single jump away.

Let this serve as a lesson to everyone Mario Maker competitor out there, finishing the level with class goes a lot further than arrogantly failing. 

Nintendo - Super Mario MakerEven the promotional material for Super Mario Maker 2 has Mario taunting Luigi.

Recently we’ve seen popular streamers tackling near-impossible levels that require marathon sessions just to figure out.

Whether it’s trolling level designers or creators that want to tell a story through the tools of the game, it goes without saying that Mario Maker 2 leads to all sorts of entertainment.


Twitch bot finds PS5s and Xbox Series Xs in-stock so you don’t have to

Published: 26/Nov/2020 18:10

by Michael Gwilliam


A popular new Twitch bot is doing all the legwork to help gamers find out what stores have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles in stock.

Gamers have been hard-pressed to find a next-gen console for themselves or loved ones as the Christmas season approaches. It seems like almost everywhere is sold out, leaving only scalpers who have been selling units for insane markups.

Now, a new Twitch bot has entered the fray and is helping anyone who can’t keep up with the constant refreshing know when they can get their hands on Sony or Microsoft’s new console.

Viewers can simply go to the Twitch channel and watch live as the bot searches through various sites to find inventory. The bot will actively check through Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and more and state whether they’re out of stock or have consoles in.

As a nice little bonus, the channel even says when the last “drop” was. At the time of publishing, the last store to get both consoles in stock was Walmart at 9:30 PM EST on November 25.

Users can also use the !local command to check any store stock near them.

According to Polygon, the channel is run by Cam Ritz and uses a program called streetmerchant that does the monitoring.

The program’s features page state that it “scrapes multiple websites for patterns of being stocked via API and Chromium.”

Ritz claims that so far, the bot has helped viewers actually find consoles – with a few nabbing Series Xs from GameStop and Sam’s Club.

Unfortunately, for most viewers, watching the stream will result in a near-endless red wave of OUT OF STOCK notifications, further cementing just how difficult it is to find a console this year.

As the days continue and the Christmas season approaches, keeping this channel open may be a great tool if you’re actively still looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Or for those who have managed to already snag a console, it can serve as a reminder of just how difficult it can be.